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This type represents a collection of object properties and does not have an explicit JavaScript representation.

control = null
An element (that is a descendant of the canvas) to which events are to be routed, and which accessibility tools are to use as a surrogate for describing and interacting with this region.
cursor = inherit
The cursor to use when the mouse is over this region. The value "inherit" means to use the cursor for the parent region (as specified by the parentID member), if any, or to use the canvas element's cursor if the region has no parent.
fillRule = nonzero
The fill rule to use when determining which pixels are inside the path.
id =
The ID to use for this region. This is used in MouseEvent events on the canvas (event.region) and as a way to reference this region in later calls to addHitRegion().
label = null
A text label for accessibility tools to use as a description of this region, if there is no control.
parentID = null
The ID of the parent region, for purposes of navigation by accessibility tools and for cursor fallback.
path = null
A Path2D object that describes the pixels that form part of the region. If this member is not provided or is set to null, the current default path is used instead.
role = null
An ARIA role for accessibility tools to use to determine how to represent this region, if there is no control.
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