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Extends HTMLElement.

The progress element represents the completion progress of a task. The progress is either indeterminate, indicating that progress is being made but that it is not clear how much more work remains to be done before the task is complete (e.g. because the task is waiting for a remote host to respond), or the progress is a number in the range zero to a maximum, giving the fraction of work that has so far been completed.

Labelable elements have a NodeList object associated with them that represents the list of label elements, in tree order, whose labeled control is the element in question. The labels IDL attribute of labelable elements, on getting, must return that NodeList object.
The max IDL attribute must reflect the content attribute of the same name, limited to numbers greater than zero. The default value for max is 1.0.
If the progress bar is an indeterminate progress bar, then the position IDL attribute must return −1. Otherwise, it must return the result of dividing the current value by the maximum value.
If the progress bar is an indeterminate progress bar, then the value IDL attribute, on getting, must return 0. Otherwise, it must return the current value. On setting, the given value must be converted to the best representation of the number as a floating-point number and then the value content attribute must be set to that string.