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The HTML 5 JavaScript API Index

Web Sockets and Messaging, WebRTC
Drag and Drop, Fullscreen
Canvas, SVG, WebGL
Animation Timing, Media, Pointer Lock, Web Audio
File API, File System API, Indexed DB, Offline, Web Storage
Browser, Shadow DOM, Typed Arrays, Web Workers
CSS Object Model, Selectors

Do you think vanilla.js is the best JavaScript framework? Have you always missed something similar to "JavaDoc" for JavaScript — something that is complete, easy to navigate, up to date and not vendor specific?

This HTML 5 JavaScript API index is automatically generated from the HTML 5 specification documents by scanning them for IDL fragments. The index generator parses the IDL code and link it up to matching headings, creating a cross-reference that can be conveniently navigated using the frames to the left* or following the links above.

Some links and summaries are still missing (some specs unfortunately don't use ids that can be inferred), but all the types and signatures should be there already (issue tracker).

Note that this index is most useful for looking up method names and signatures if you are already familiar with HTML 5 and JavaScript. However, for getting started quickly, we also include links to corresponding tutorials on the library overview pages.

New: Machine Readable Output

Ok, it doesn't really work yet, but if you are interested in using this data for a JS editor suggest feature, take a look at the current progress: JsDoc / JSON.

You may also be interested in the html5index github project. If you'd like to contribute or have ideas or suggestions, contact me via G+.

*) This site relies on HTML frames. If you don't see the index of libraries and types to the left of this document, load the full frame set by following this link.